NE Minneapolis Art-A-Whirl 2018

So, here I am blogging? I guess?

I got the bones of the site up, but it still needs some polish. We’ll finally determine whether or not you can polish a turd, I guess.

Anyway, experimenting with the app, more than anything, because no one will ever see this BEFORE the event, but I guess the other point of this is I’m short-notice squatting at Art-A-Whirl this weekend (2018.5.18 – 2018.5.19, for sure, though prior engagements dictate that I won’t actually be there on the 19th… yeah…)

Anyway, testing the app.

Can I add a pitchur in here?

Maybe no?

Oh! Cool! I wonder why the first one didn’t work…?

Just between you and me? Right now I don’t even know for sure where this will show up on the site.



Anyway, uh, blogging.

Consider this your only warning.

Just Photos For Humans

Just getting started with this – please stand by. Apologies for the mess…

Let’s not get caught, because I’m not wearing any pants.

— NotBatman